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About Us

Charter Anesthesiology LLC is a practice of experienced physicians and nurse anesthetists dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our patients and physician clients.  All of our board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNA's have many years of experience in clinical anesthesiology.  Our practice has performed thousands of anesthetics for adults, children, and parturients for procedures ranging from simple to complex in a broad array of healthcare settings.

Our standard and promise to our patients-to deliver World Class anesthesia service to you, every time.

For our physician clients-you are a large part of our business and livelihood. We are committed to offering you the best collaborative services possible to help achieve your goals.

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Our Mission-Our Belief

Charter Anesthesiology LLC formed during a trend where management companies were purchasing and managing anesthesia practices to generate returns for investors.  Similar to the Connecticut Charter of 1662, we founded Charter Anesthesiology against this trend on the belief that physician autonomy and ownership are responsible for quality patient care and success in our specialty. Our practice focuses on building an excellent team that enjoys the professional satisfaction of world class patient care and customer service using the most modern anesthesia techniques. 

What Sets Us Apart?

Great anesthesia care is just the beginning of what Charter Anesthesiology offers to our patients and facilities. Our expertise in implementing modern, safe, and efficient approaches to peri-operative care in collaboration with our partners sets our practice apart.  We are owned and operated by physicians who are driven to do great work for our patients, clients, and practice.  Not, mergers, acquisitions, or investor profits.

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